Sustainable production

A respectful handling of resources and the environment was increasingly brought into focus. With this in mind, internal production processes are constantly being optimised and developed. Existing buildings were adapted to current standards and new buildings were equipped with modern solar technology. Sustainable production is the aim meeting the challenges of the future. 
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A wide range of possibilities

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CNC tube laser 
Tube diameter: 10 – 110 mm , Wall thickness: up to 3.0 mm, different cross sections
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CNC bending 
Tube diameter: 18, 25, 32, 33.7 mm, Wall thickness: 0.5-4.0 mm
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CNC Lathe 
Rod diameter: Up to 65 mm, 4-axes, Counter spindle operation, Powered tools
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CNC Milling machine 
Component size: Up to 500 × 450 × 400 mm, 5-axes
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3D Printing 
Part size: Up to 250 × 250 × 300 mm, Different materials
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Plastic injection moulding 
Injection weight: 10 – 500 g, Closing force: 40 – 220 t
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Cardboard packaging machine 
Custom-made cartons for all provita products
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Pad printing 
Print size: 50 × 30 mm, Two-tone, For plastics and metals

The provita building stones for sustainable, ecological and modern production

  • Photovoltaic
    approx. 230 megawatt hours per year
  • Power Storage
    approx. 140 kilowatt hours
  • Recyclability
    we achieve 60 % with our products
  • EU chemicals directive
  • Restriction of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment
  • Cardboard boxes
    we only use recycled cardboard
  • Lighting
    Workplace LEDs are controlled through motion detectors
  • Energy
    saving energy thanks to our modern machinery
  • Heating
    isolated like a private home. We heat with a modern, low-emission gas central heating system
Each product is individually packed by us. The fact that we only use recycled cardboard packaging is the right approach
Olga Geinez, at provita since 04/2015