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Stationary ICU device cart

Product number: AT-COMP1
Base plate: 600 x 610 (Stainless steel)
Oxygen bottle holder: vertical for 2 bottles
twin rail: twin rail
Medical rail center + bottom: single
Tube holder hook: 2 pieces
Top plate: 620 X 400 (Stainless steel)
Shelf with drawer: 300 x 350
Vertical tubes: 38
Swiveling arms: ri. + le. (appr. 350 mm center / center), with medical rails 200 mm (4 units), with universal clamps
Hygiene side: with glove box dispenser (for 3 boxes), with disinfection holder, with medical rail and universal clamp, with waste bag holder, with oxygen pipe holder, with safety ring
Infusion side: with bended IV-pole (screw-adjusted), with bottle bar 4 hooks, with medical plugboard (6 sockets), with safety ring
Monitor arm: with universal mounting plate
castors: Ø 125 mm, with brake, electr. conductive
Total load capacity (kg): 80
Load capacity per system (kg): 8
Load capacity per hook (kg): 2
Packaging dimensions
Packaging unit: *
Packaging unit: Unit