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Product highlights

  • Movement creates independence
  • Movement enhances the well-being
  • Movement strengthens health
  • frame made of high-quality plastic
  • complete recyclability
  • washable bag (fabric) up to 60°
  • easy to clean plastic frame due to reduced adhesion of dirt
  • plastic frame without toxic ingredients
  • no risk of injury thanks to hooks that automatically fold
  • the patient is able to move freely on slopes - even with infusion
  • the patient with its both hands free can hold himself onto a railing
  • light materials grant high wearing comfort


Product number: I-WALK01
Total load capacity (kg): 2
Load capacity per system (kg): 2
Load capacity per hook (kg): 1
Packaging dimensions
Packaging unit: Unit
Width Box1 0,39 m
Height Box1 0,13 m
Length Box1 0,78 m
Length Box2 2,1 m