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Product highlights

Shipping optimized packaging up to 100 pieces on one pallet
Set-Up-Time 2 - 3 minutes
  • Provita IV-Rods and Stands are employed in numerous of doctor practices as well as the intensive and normal care. In order to satisfy all demands in a hospital as well as daily normal care, Provita offers for every application area, an individual and perfect drip stand solution. Hereby also contributing with an essential and extensive accessory program.
  • effective infusion care by hanging safely IV-bottles and bags
  • simple construction and comfortable handling use for the home care
  • all plastic parts are light-resisting
  • castors with non-marking tread
  • integrated pull-out guard avoids separation of the adjustable tubes
  • safety bottle holder in accordance with DIN ISO 15375
  • base made of plastic with two conductive base legs
  • a sealing cap prevents the IV-pole from hygienical senstive liquids
  • complete recyclability
  • enough safe distance in between both tubes once the pole reached its lowest height
  • no risk of injury from the rounded shape of the hook
  • very easy and fast assembly through a plug in and out system with only 1 screw connection
  • comfortable height adjustment through a screw-height adjustment with an integrated, surface-gently mold clamping element

IV stand / Drip stand

Colour of plastic parts: grey
Product number: I-H31121
Field of application: Homecare
Material: Stainless steel
Colour of plastic parts: grey
Bottle Holder: Plastic, bottle holder
Number of hooks: 4
Arrangement of the hooks: 90 ° to each other
Type of height adjustment: screw height adjustment
Maximum length/height (mm): 2,150
Minimum length/height (mm): 1,350
Inner tube diameter (mm): 18
Outer tube diameter (mm): 25
Base diameter (mm): round, 635
Castors: Twin castors
Drip vessel sterilizable: yes
Total load capacity (kg): 8
Load capacity per system (kg): 8
Load capacity per hook (kg): 2
Packaging dimensions
Packaging unit: Pair
Width Box1 0,19 m
Height Box1 0,1 m
Length Box1 1,19 m
Weight Box1 6,5 kg
Packaging unit: Unit
Width Box1 0,19 m
Height Box1 0,1 m
Length Box1 1,19 m
Weight Box1 3,5 kg