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Many rooms, more walls, one solution: provita`s Wall rail systems. Unobtrusive and effective support in the medical work of everyday life. more



 Provita wall and medical rail systems (Medi-rails) already proved themselves in thousands of specialties. The provita wall rail are self produced and in combination with our other products, we deliver everything out of one hand. The system can be used for normal and intensive care rooms just as in the pre operating, post operating, or in the physician practice.


Numerous possibilities of variations and an extensive accessories´ selection offer a solution for every special requirement.


The rails are made out of grounded stainless steel of high value and are delivered to be simply assembled by including mounting material.


Because every attachment has its own measurements, also the manufacturing of special lengths counts to our standard achievements. The sophisticated mounting system provides a quickly and effective mounting, even if the quantities re-quired by the hospitals are large. Each rail is also equipped with a potential balanced to guarantee static derivation. For simple and secured operation, the IV-poles, for instance, can be provided with one hand security height adjustment.

The loading capacity of up to 100 kg per meter permits the attachment of multiple accessories.

The accessories program is extensive and reasonable. For example, the combination of Provita´s wall rail system and the IV-wall rail system unit: the IV- wall rail system unit is swivel-mounted, therefore enabling the comfortable attachment of medical technology and auxilary material. The freedom of movement for patients as well as care personnel is preserved by banding quickly what is necessary.