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SAM - Outpatient Department

The solution to your outpatient department!

In a society that is becoming older, more agile and more mobile – put down a marker. Thanks to SAM, you can now enjoy a comfortable offer during time consuming as well as inconvenient and unpleasant stays and visits.

Differentiate yourself from others with SAM and create an added value within your service spectrum. Enable your guests to enjoy a relaxed stay without being obliged to a classic wheelchair.

In comparison to classic wheelchairs, our SAM does not give the user the impression of being ill and restricted making itself a popular choice. The modern, understated design of SAM allows anyone with limited mobility to enjoy a relaxed and unrestricted movement. For example through:

• an integrated safety braking system that is gentle on the hands,
• the use of high quality materials,
• a space saving design, folding armrests and footrest,
• durable, low noise and fail-safe tyres.

The well-thought-out accessories (seat belt, parking station etc.) and the options for individual advertising of this service make SAM a comprehensive and carefree package for health and care services.


 Die Sonderversion "SAM - Ambulanz" ist mit einer abnehmbaren Beinauflage ausgestattet, die entweder links oder rechts in die dafür vorgesehenen Aufnahmen eingesteckt werden kann und so in die Stützposition gebracht wird. Bei Nichtbenutzung der Beinauflage lässt sich diese seitlich, bequem zu erreichen, einstecken.

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