Docking-Cart "provita-dock" for patient´s internal transportation

In this year´s Medica, we presented to you our completed and reworked Docking-Cart for patient´s   internal transportation. This cart will be available in short terms with a standard configuration and it can be equipped with the appropriate accessories according to your needs. It allows the attachment of the most important medical devices, for example: Infusion- and Syringe Pumps, Patient Monitor, Respiratory Equipment and Oxygen Bottles. 

The new version includes a height adjustable docking rail which incorporates two stable clean and easy accomodations components for the attachment of the cart onto the bed. The cart will be moved by four high quality and easy running 100 mm double castors. Through the very compact building method, the system fits together the bed and vehicle into an average dimensioned lift.    

Technical information as well as pictures will follow shortly.