Education at provita medical

As a future-oriented company, we are pleased with energetic, team-oriented and reliable young people who would like to complete their studies in our company. We educate the following professions in the commercial and technical field:
- Industrial management assistant
- Technical product designer
- Warehouse logistics specialist
- Production mechanic

In the last four years, 25 young people have successfully completed their education with us.
In addition to imparting expertise knowledge, we also invest particularly in the personal development of our trainees.
At the end of each apprenticeship, a job is given - even if it is just for a short, limited period of time.
Our goal is to always or as far as possible, offer employment after successfully completing the studies.


COVID-19 times and a lockdown this spring 2020

Shift work and an immense amount of incoming orders, online learning instead of face-to-face teaching at our schools, home office and a little insecurity.
These were probably just a few characteristics of the medical sector this spring 2020 and consequently for provita medical.
Together with their colleagues, our trainees were challenged to master all this successfully.
They represented colleagues that were in home office, taught themselves all school learning material, worked perfectly in shifts - took responsibility and learned a lot about self-organisation.
We are very proud of our trainees. They have mastered the crisis well so far and have also outgrown themselves.