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There are so many different types of hospitals and home care rooms, that provita´s Ceiling Rail Systems  have been designed to always provide enough room needed around the care of patients. more



As a complete offerer, the ceiling rail system ICS 1 and ICS 2 as well as the ceiling system ICS 3, provita has accredited itself worldwide with hundreds of references.

The fields of applications are very multifaceted: normal care, intensive care, pre and post operation care, physician practice and that, just to name only a few.

What it connects: they guarantee the necessary freedom of movement of the nursery staff even in small rooms. The optimal accomodation of the patients is ensured. Through the combination of different shapes, the systems optimally can be adapted to every room according to every customer´s desire. The rails are suited for all ceilings and conditions. Theycan be certainly secured to very stable and special spacers for suspended ceilings. Telescopable or fixed ceiling IV-Poles made out of high value stainless steel are available in different types.

Through polished surface tubes, the ceiling IV-Poles are very easy to clean and therefore very hygienic. The ceiling IV-Poles with safety height adjustment by thumb-
pressure permit the certain and simple operation with only one hand and prevent a dangerous and sudden sinking.

Ball-bearing  and an adjustable permanent brake enable a fast and simple positioning. The rails of the ICS 2 system are able to efficiently work with an extreme high pressure of 80 kg per every 100 cm of rail.

The  three arms of the ICS 3 Carrier System permit a flexible, space-
saving use. The internal electrical design lets the room free of disturbing
electrical cables. Based on its maximal load capacity of 40 kg, the system
s suited also for attachment of medical devices.