In-Hospital Patient Transport: 
safe, fast and easy

provita medical offers a docking-system for intensive care and transport beds      more



The transportation of critically ill patients within a hospital is a challenging task as patient and equipment must be moved quickly and safely. The provi-Dock patient transfer system allows staff to dock the cart to the bed and transfer the patient.


All equipment required to transfer the patient is mounted to the transfer cart allowing for a seamless transfer. Equipment can be clearly arranged on the transfer cart to allow clinicians to clearly see the status assuring a smooth transfer with minimal interruption to any therapy and minimal risk to the patient. provita's solution to this problem is a functional equipped docking cart.


The feeding infusion equipment to the patient, respiratory devices and monitors will be easy, clearly arranged and safe positioned on the docking cart, therefore permitting a quick and unobstructed transportation without any therapy interruptions - the the well-being of the patient, to the use of the staff.


The following product video shall help you to get a first impression and a better understanding of the "provi-dock". Please click here to get directly to the product details.